Wealth Management

Capstone’s approach to wealth management (WM) encompasses three key areas of service provision:


Investment Consulting


Advanced Planning


Relationship Management

WM = IC + AP + RM

Investment Consulting (IC) involves managing your investments in a way that will maximize your chances of achieving your goals. We provide risk evaluation, portfolio performance analysis, asset allocation advice, assessment of the impact of investment costs, and assessment of potential tax impact.

Advanced Planning (AP) consists of expert guidance in four key areas: Wealth Enhancement (tax mitigation and cash-flow planning); Wealth Transfer (transferring wealth effectively to family members or other beneficiaries); Wealth Protection (risk mitigation, compliance with legal structures, and transfer of risk to insurance companies); and Charitable Giving (maximizing the impact of your financial contributions to the organizations of your choice).

Relationship Management (RM) focuses on taking time to understand your priorities, concerns, and values, as well as building and maintaining a team of professionals who are able to collaborate and communicate effectively to serve you as our mutual client. We will work closely with your existing accountants and attorneys to achieve this goal.